Laying of underground lines:

Plates for the protection of underground cables
Double-layer corrugated tube for the protection of underground cables.
Polyamide flanges to secure cables.
Signage tape for underground cable.

Splices, connections and bypasses:

Conduits for splicing cables.
Terminals for low voltage cables.
Heat-retractable tubes for reinsulation.
Bypass slabs with "tapit"-type screws.
Press-tightened bypass wedges.
Heat-retractable bypasses heats with zip.
Mixed splice and bypass sets and by poured resin for low-voltage cables.

Link-up installations:

Protection and measurement boxes to house single- or triple-phase meters.
Distribution boxes for double-insulation housing estates.
General subscriber protection boxes.
Sectionalising boxes.
Urban distribution cabinet.
Prefabricated support for housing distribution cabinet and box
Electrical board for provisional site protection and measurement units.
Centralisation of meters.
Measuring units (conventional and multifunction equipment).