Laying of underground lines:

Plate for the protection of underground cables
Double-layer corrugated tube for the protection of underground cables.
Polyamide flanges to secure cables.
Signage tape for underground cable.
Concrete pipelines.
Underground cable signposts.

Laying of underground cables:

Distribution cable support bracket.
Cable fixation flange.
Neoprene straps.

Medium voltage splices and connections:

Heat-retractable unipolar splices, strapped and cold for dry cable.
Splices for tripolar dry cable.
Transition splices of tripolar dry cable to unipolar dry cable.
Mixed heat-retractable splices for paper cable impregnated with dry unipolar cable.
Conduits for splicing cables.
Heat- and cold-retractable terminations for indoor use for dry cable.
Multivoltage terminals for cables.
Insulating tape, self-autovulcanisable and made of mastic.