Modular and compact medium-voltage cells with SF6 insulation:

The modular cell system offers the following functions:
Line cell
Protection cell with fuses (optionally with RPTA).
Automatic vacuum disconnecting switch).
Passing switch cell (with or without earth).
Measuring cell for housing intensity and voltage transformers.
Cable Rise Funtion (optionally it can integrate voltage presence pick-ups).

The compact system has line and protection functions and is totally compatible with the modular system.

Prefabricated transformation centres:

House-type monobloc centres.
Underground centres.
House-type modular centres.
Compact centres for outdoor use.
Operating centres.

Fittings for transformation centres with structural work:

Fittings according to plans provided by the ownership.
Doors for transformation centres

Elements for transformation centre installations

Heat- and cold-retractable terminations for indoor use for dry cable.
Intensity and voltage transformers.
Triple-phase power and distribution transformers.
Current-limiting fuse cartridges with striker.
Low-voltage panels for company or subscriber.
Measuring equipment for the regulated market.
Measuring equipment for the free market.
Oil collection deposits.
Protection relays
Signage and safety plates.