Who we are

SEIT is a leading distributor of bare and insulated electrical wires for medium and low voltage, materials for transformation centres, protection equipment, handling and counting devices and safety equipment. For some years now, Seit has specialised is offering integral storage services based on agreements with different electrical companies who see in outsourcing an excellent opportunity to reduce costs and structures.

To do so, SEIT offers an extensive network to its customers including its headquarters in Barcelona and warehouses in Canovellas (Barcelona), Girona  and Castellón, as well as branch offices and warehouses in Madrid , Zaragoza, Bilbao, and Santander.

In all, 18,879 square metres of industrial space and 36,499 square metres of open storage space, offering our clients "just in time" deliveries to round out the sale of low and medium voltage materials which has been the company's primary activity since it was founded.

All of this is attested to not only by the ISO 9001 quality certification first obtained by SEIT in 1996 but also by the Environmental Management and Industrial Risk Prevention systems which the company has implemented. The company, with its highly qualified staff, is currently promoting its role as a logistics operator in the electrical and communications sector as well as growing its traditional market.

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